Time For Discipline

Today I find myself down $311 dollars and my first set of back-to-back losing days in close to 3 months. The reason for this recent streak: lack of discipline. Trading is all about discipline, you lose it, and you will become average in a flash. I have to work on reducing the number of trades I put on a day, in order to get my focus back. The funny thing about trading is that it is a lot like sports, where the momentum can come and go. The key is knowing when you need to take a time out to regroup. Below are my list of trades for the day with their respective percentage gains and losses. The heartbreaker was CLX, as you can see below the money was there today..I just didn't want any of it.

CLX: +$36

GTI: -$29

LVS: -$153

IRM: -$95

EYE: - $70

CLX Could Have Been BigCLX Could Have Been Big
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