Bond Glossary

The bond glossary category contains definition articles related to the bonds market.

Discount rate refers to the interest rate at which depository institutions can borrow funds from the FED.
An economic recession is a period of time during a country’s economy when economic indicators, including GDP, are declining for two quarters or more.
An economic depression can be characterized with unemployment rates jumping dramatically (typically into double digits), GDP taking a dive (10% or more), bank lending drying up, high levels of corporate bankrupcies, and an overall tightening of all trade and consumption
Eurodollars are U.S dollar denominated time deposits held in foreign bank accounts
The federal funds rate is the average interest rate at which the banks lend money to each other.
The federal reserve bank acts as the central bank for the United States.  Learn about how it is organized.
The gross domestic product, or GDP, is the total value of a nations goods and services produced within a preset period of time
The gross national product comprises the total market value of all goods and services produced by an economy during a specific period of time, usually one year. Often abbreviated as GNP, the gross national product is a leading indicator of the condition of the economy in question.
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