The earnings before tax (EBT) is simply the amount of earnings less income tax expenses. This method of evaluating a company is used to assess how profitable companies are from different regions.
The earnings multiplier is a variation of the price to earnings ratio that adjusts the current p/e to account for current interest rates. This is done in order to discount future earnings against monies that could be invested at the current interest rate over the same period of time.
Earnings per share, or EPS, represents profits which accrue for the shareholders on a per share basis and can be found on the income statement
The whisper number of a particular stock or security is an informal, unpublished assessment of its expected earnings per share. Typically, whisper numbers are circulated among investment analysts and large-scale investors, and may be based on inside information, generally available data, or hunches and deductions about the management and profitability of the company in question.
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