List of Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are not the darlings of the stock trading community.  You can not find them on the major exchanges and most reputable publications do not list them.  However, it is not up to others to determine where and when we invest our money.  Now there are a number of services out there which claim to provide a penny stock hot list that will bring you wealth.  If you are smart enough to read this article, we both know that money is not made in the market by buying whatever is on a list.  Now what is possible in the market is to make informed investing decision, but doing research and making sound decisions.  While there are services out there which boast penny stock lists with issues ready to explode.  Another sound method is to peruse the list of publicly traded penny stocks from a number of the over-the-counter (OTC) exchanges.  This information is free and odds are you will feel more confident in your investing decisions if you create your own list of penny stocks.

Remember that penny stocks are extremely volatile, so if you see a stock up 50% today, it could be down 70% tomorrow.  Keep your head and focus on the high quality bargains and not on being rich.

Below is a list of external resources which produce a fresh penny stock list on a daily basis. 

Penny Stock List Resources

Current OTC Market Activity
OTC Market Tiers
OTC Company Search
OTCBB Daily List
OTCBB Trade Halts
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