A 401k plan is a defined contribution retirement savings account which is designed to provide you with great tax savings advantages and tax free investing.
Many people learn the hard way that the worst time to have an outstanding 401k loan is during the 401k loan rollover process. Often the result of changing jobs, the 401k rollover to a new account means that the call on the loan is triggered, and the funds are due. Where do you go from here?
Some investors move from a company with a 401k program to one with a 403b plan. While they are essentially the same in design, they are not the same on the law books, and it is possible that 401k funds may not be transferrable to a 403b.
If you are considering a 401k withdrawal, your options depend upon several key factors. Circumstances that might cause you to withdraw your funds from a 401k include a layoff, job change or retirement. Certain 401k withdrawal rules also apply to 401k hardship withdrawal, borrowing from 401k and 401k early withdrawal.
Part of responsible retirement planning is close tracking of your 401k plans and IRAs. This includes a regular check of your 401k balance to ensure the investments are performing well and your nest egg is continuing to grow.
For those who are self-employed, opening Fidelity 401k accounts can be a smart strategy to growing your nest egg. Fidelity 401k accounts give you wide access to market investment vehicles, and unlike other institutions, there are not extraneous fees that eat away at your earnings.
Because the primary purpose of a 401k is to save for your retirement years, the money that goes into that account needs to stay put until you reach retirement age. If you perform any retirement account withdrawals prior to the retirement age set by the federal government, you will have to pay penalties for taking the money too soon.
Retirement planning has always erred on the side of conservatism, with investors buying into investment vehicles that have been traditionally representative of retirement savings. Recently, however, a groundswell of entrepreneurship and risk-taking has brought a number of new 401k investment options to the forefront.
The 401k plan is an excellent method for saving for retirement – as long as your current employer offers sound investment options that allow you to diversify and assume as much risk as you can tolerate. However, employees who are not happy with the current state of their 401k plan may want to consider a 401k rollover to get their funds into better investment vehicles for their specific needs.
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