When it comes to finding 401k investment companies for your retirement account, the choices are vast, indeed. However, the plethora of investment selections can make it difficult to know which company and investment product will meet your needs best.
There are extensive 401k early withdrawal penalties in tapping into your retirement money before your golden years. Some savers may be exempt from 401k early withdrawal penalties, while others will pay dearly. How do you know which camp you’ll be in? This can be answered in one simple question: why do you want the money?
As tax time quickly approaches, investors planning their tax strategies must understand the 2001 401k contribution limits. Unfortunately, investors looking to make a quick catch up in their 401ks will be disappointed with the 2011 401k contribution limits—they’re stuck!
Are you looking for 401k advice? Generally, those who give most of 401k advice are the ones selling it. In fact, many human resource departments now bring in representatives from the sponsoring company to solicit investment options directly to their employees. Usually, these one-on-one meetings are mostly sales presentations, with many savers left wondering whether or not the person they have trusted to give them a walk-through of investment options is interested in their portfolio or just the commission check at the end of the day.
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