A 1035 exchange is an IRS provision that allows funds to be transferred, without triggering a taxable event, between these three types of savings plans: life insurance policy, endowment policy, and annuity.
An annuity is a contract, offered by an insurance company, that is designed to receive payments (lump sum or a series) from the purchaser of the annuity in exchange for a stream of periodic payments beginning at some point in the future
An equity indexed annuity is a type of annuity that has a variable interest rate. The interest rate earned on an equity indexed annuity is dependent upon which stock or equity index to which the annuity is linked
A flexible premium deferred annuity is, as its name suggests, one of the most flexible types of annuity contract available on the market. Like other types of annuities, the flexible premium deferred annuity provides a periodic payment to the account holder or his or her beneficiaries during an agreed-upon payout period, but most terms of the annuity agreement are subject to variation or change depending on the wording of the contract.
A hybrid annuity is the perfect combination retirement resource for anyone who is worried about the potential inability to pay for long term care services if they are eventually needed
A life annuity is a financial investment contract purchased through an insurance company. In the contract, the investor or buyer agrees to make payments over a period of time into the annuity in exchange for either a lump sum or installment payments over the remainder of the investor’s life
In a prescribed annuity, the amount of taxes due on the annuity stays the same year after year.
Split funded annuities are designed to provide a steady income stream immediately while reserving a portion of the principal for future payouts as well. In essence, a split funded annuity is a hybrid product that offers taxable benefits before payout and a secure source of annuity income during the payout period at some point in the future.
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