Retirement Plans

Roth IRAs have become a popular way to invest for retirement because they offer different tax advantages from a traditional IRA. Instead of taking the tax deduction on the balance at the time of withdrawal, contributions are done with after-tax dollars, and the withdrawals are tax free.

There are many reasons why you might want to consider a 401k to IRA rollover for your retirement nest egg. In some cases, 401k plans might offer under-performing funds, and you could do better by opening your own account where you have more control over your risk and return. You may also be forced into a 401k to IRA rollover if you lose your job or change jobs and need to find another vehicle for your retirement account.
There isn’t a single decision you will make that rivals the importance of financial planning. Unlike what you eat for breakfast, or what model your next car will be, the decisions you make for retirement follow you for the rest of your life.
Discussion of a few common income tax rules for retirement plans.
A keogh plan is a qualified plan designed to help self-employed workers or individuals establish a tax-deferred retirement savings vehicle

A money purchase pension plan is a retirement savings vehicle, similar to a profit sharing plan, that guarantees a certain contribution to the employee every year.

Profit sharing plans allow companies to reward their employees by sharing their profits. Profit sharing is a great long term retirement vehicle for employees.
Qualified plans allow employers to create savings vehicles for their employees which carry special tax rules
The required minimum distribution method is a simple way of calculating substantially equal periodic payments and is one that resets every year. It is basically calculated by dividing your retirement account balance by your life expectancy factor as provided by the IRS grid.
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