Tips for Finding 401k Investment Companies

When it comes to finding 401k investment companies for your retirement account, the choices are vast, indeed. However, the plethora of investment selections can make it difficult to know which company and investment product will meet your needs best.

While part of the decision will be made by your employer and the 401k plan the company chooses, you will also need to make some choices on your own about the best investment for your specific financial situation. We have tips to help you choose a 401k investment company and a list of some of the top companies in the country today.

Choosing 401k Investment Companies

When browsing 401k investment companies, there are four key factors to keep in mind:

• Investment Options –The 401k investment companies that offer the greatest diversity in products are often the smartest choice to ensure you can find the best retirement account for your specific needs.
• Cost of Plan – Most 401k investment companies charge fees for administrative and set-up costs, which can add up to nearly two percent of your entire retirement account balance in some cases. Because 401k plan costs can vary widely, it pays to shop around for the best deal in this area.
• Plan Administration – The best 401k investment companies have a good plan in place for administering and tracking retirement accounts. Make sure the 401k investment company you choose uses data backup and other administrative methods that keep you retirement account records safe and sound.
• Customer Service – Navigating the confusing world of retirement accounts and rules can be a daunting task, unless you have a high quality service staff to help. Look for 401k investment companies with a robust call center and customer service department that will be ready and willing to guide you through their 401k plan options.

When you use these four criteria to evaluate 401k investment companies, you are more likely to find the 401k plan and retirement account that will best meet your individual financial needs.

Best 401k Investment Companies

Most financial experts agree that three of the best 401k investment companies include Vanguard, Fidelity and American Funds. These companies have a long reputation for investment success and offer a good range of 401k plans to choose from.

Vanguard's claim to fame is that it is owned by its shareholders, so company expenses and overhead are very low. This savings is passed down to members of their 401k plans, with lower administrative and management costs overall.

American Funds is the world's largest fund company, and it has quickly hit the top of the chart in investment accounts. American Fund does not market to the general public, but to brokers and financial advisors. While their portfolio of investment options is smaller than other top companies, their performance ratings put them at the head of the pack in 401k investment companies.

Fidelity is another 401k investment company that offers a wide range of retirement accounts and boasts a number of top-performing funds from which to choose.

Choosing the right 401k investment company will make all the difference in the success of your retirement accounts. With these tips in mind, you can find the best 401k for your specific financial needs.
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