Find ETF With Berkshire Hathaway Holdings

So you want to find an etf with berkshire hathaway holdings.  Unfortunately, if it where this easy, we would all know in real-time what the greatest investor of all-time is up to.  However, Berkshire Hathaway releases its holdings quarterly via the 13-F filings and it provides details of which stocks were added or removed from their portfolio.  Some investors will take the list of stocks from the 13-F and go purchase them in their own portfolios.  But, remember that the public filing is from "x" period in time.  For all you know, Buffet may no longer hold any of these stocks and may have moved on to new investments.  The one thing you can take away from the Berkshire Hathaway filing is the industries and market cap of the stocks.  This may provide some insight into what Warren thinks is going to make money over the coming years.  The key to the Buffet model is buying undervalued stocks that we all use and need in our day-to-day lives.  The best bet for an investor is to learn the Warren Buffet value investing technique.  This will assist in the process of identifying which stocks one should buy.  If one is serious about investing in the same stocks as Berskhire Hathaway, one should just buy the stock directly.  The only problem is that a share of Berkshire Hathaway will run you a cool 100k. 

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