Green Investing Strategies and Top Mutual Funds

What is Green Investing?

Green investing are the activities of investing funds into companies which promote alternative energy sources, reducing toxic waste, and environmental conscious practices.

What are Green Stocks?

Green stocks are companies which drive all of their revenue from environmental friendly activities.  These green stocks are able to advert many environmental legalities, because these companies are pro actively addressing these issues by building an eco-friendly infrastructure for their businesses.  These environmental friendly initiatives reduce costs associated with running a business. 

Why Invest in Green Stocks?

Green stocks represent one of the largest growth markets in recent decades.  This entire industry is in its infancy with growth projections through the roof.  Analysts expect the green industry to experience growth similar to those of chip makers during the 90s.  One of the key factors for success for many of these green companies is support from the federal government.  It is going to take policies handed down by the President of the United States that is willing to invest billions of dollars into a number of green initiatives such as: solar power, clean coal, and other alternative fuels.

Another reason to invest in green stocks is because many of the world's wealthy have already jumped on board.  Bill Gates recently poured over $80 million dollars into an ethanol company and oil tycoon Boon Pickens has invested over $10 billion dollars into the world's largest wind farm.  Like any other form of investing, it often pays to follow the smart money.

Investing in Green Stocks

Investing in green stocks can be challenging since many of the companies were recently created and due to the large number of potential solutions to the environmental issues, one does not know which stock will be good over the long-term.  A better method is to not invest in one stock, but rather a mutual fund which has a basket of green stocks.   The top 3 green investing mutual funds according to the green investing guide is: (1) Calvert Large Cap Growth Fund (CLGAX), (2) New Alternatives Fund (NALFX) and (3) Portfolio 21 (PORTX).

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