Investing Basics

The 52-Week high is a rolling count of the high of the stock over the past 52 weeks. This of course translates into the yearly high for the stock.
The 52-Week Low is a rolling count of the low of the stock over the past 52 weeks. This of course translates into the yearly low for the stock.
An auction market is when buyers and sellers place their orders in the same environment and then negotiate the best execution price. These orders were done mechanically in the past, but are now executed in seconds electronically.
A basket trade is an order to buy 15 or more stocks at once. Basket trades are initiated by large institutions or hedge funds with substantial amounts of money to invest.
Beta is a systematic risk measurement which quantifies the correlation of a security or portfolio to a benchmark index such as the S&P 500 or Dow Jones Industrial Average
A block trade is a transaction that is a minimum of 10,000 shares of stock or $200,000 of bonds.
A boiler room is an telemarketing operation where sales reps attempt to lure unknowing investors into purchasing micro cap stocks in hopes of securing a hefty commission.
So, you finally saved enough money and now think it’s time to put some of your hard earned money to work for you. For most, the first thought that comes to mind is to go out and buy stocks.
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