Investing Basics

Cash trading is a term used to describe a speculator that only trades with the cash on hand and does not use any margin.
The New York Stock Exchange originally used a gavel to signal the end of a trading day. This was later adapted to a gong during the 1800s, in order to accommodate for the larger trading floor.
Curbs in is the restriction of the trading of a security in order to reduce the volatility. This measure is primarily used to prevent the market from falling too much during the regular trading session. Below are the trading curbs in rules for the Dow Jones.
Dead money is a common Wall Street phrase that refers to an investment that has little or no chance of earning a return. Dead money is most often used to refer to stocks from the Internet bull market that are still worthless some 8 years later.
Delisting of a stock is the process of removing a security from one of the major exchanges. Delistings can be either voluntary or involuntary, but generally they occur when a company is unable to maintain the financial requirements for the exchange.
The dogs of the dow are the 10 stocks which pay the highest dividend relative to the current stock price. The basic trading strategy is to buy these stocks at the beginning of the year and to hold them throughout the entire year.
A downgrade is a lowering in the rating of a security by one of the analysts in the financial industry. A downgrade can come about as a result of a negative change in the fundamentals or financial situation at the company.
A downtick is a trade that occurs at a lower price than the previous transaction
Earnings season takes place quarterly when the majority of corporations file their financial reports. Earnings season takes place at the end of January, April, July and October.
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