Investing Basics

Short-term capital gains are investments that are held for less than 12 months and are sold.
If you are new to the stock market and want to get a head start on some of the techniques that traders use to perform stock analysis, you have come to the right place. There are literally thousands of different ways in which you can analyze the markets.
Stock market bubbles occurs when securities run in a parabolic move up and then crashes lower in the same manner.
If you are looking for a free stock market report, the blog will provide you with leading investment advice and stock research from some of the best minds in finance, specifically in the field of technical analysis.
A stock split, or stock divide, is a means for increasing the number of oustanding shares of a company. Based on the ratio, the share price will decline and the investor will receive proportionally more shares
Avoid relying on stocks tips as it does not allow you to look at a stock through your own eyes. Also, there are many pumpers and dumpers out there on chat rooms.
Stock trading is a game of odds and it is your job to put the odds in your favor.
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