Investing Strategies

Bottom-up investing is the process of focusing on the specific stock based on their individual performance and not factoring in the broad market or other macroeconomic conditions.
Buy and hold is an investment strategy in which stocks are bought and held for a number of years in hopes of making a sizable return, without focusing on daily price fluctuations.
Buy back is the process of a company repurchasing its issued shares. This can come in the form of repurchasing stocks and bonds.
Cash trading is a term used to describe a speculator that only trades with the cash on hand and does not use any margin.
Cyclical stocks are securities that respond to economic issues on a seasonal or cyclical basis. For example, when the demand for gold increases during the Indian holiday season, many gold issues will experience an annual bounce due to the increase demand.
Defensive stocks are securities which are do not react strongly to movements in the market. These stocks are generally companies which provide services that consumers need on a daily basis.
Dollar cost averaging is a trading methodology used to limit risks by investing in a security or mutual fund over a specified time frame with set investment amounts.
Fading the market is the process of taking a position that goes counter to the primary trend of the market. This trading strategy is a suited for traders that are more open to taking risks and are able to handle the emotional run sometimes associated with going against the market.
Asking the question of why to lock in profits, is really a silly question when one thinks about it. The whole point of trading is to make money, and locking in profits is in sync with this line of thinking. While this sounds so elementary, the vast majority of traders are unable to do this on a consistent basis.
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