Investing Strategies

Market strategies for trading in a volatile market.
Pre-market trading is when stocks are traded before the regular session begins at 9:30 am Eastern. The pre-market session is from 8:00 am est - 9:30 am est. Prior to the advent of the Internet and Electronic Communications Network (ECNs), retail investors were unable to easily place pre-market orders.
What if you could, at a particular moment in time, know exactly how money is moving in and out of the markets? In the futures market, you can - thanks to a very powerful data release known as the Commitment of Traders or COT data report.
Top down investing is the process of assessing first the broad market, than sectors, and lastly stocks within that sector.
In a modern US economy that is 70% based on consumer spending and consumption, the general consumer confidence level is important in understanding future economic growth. Will they spend confidently, or will they hesitate, worrying economic times may not be as favorable just around the corner?
The Non Farm Payroll Report released on the first Friday of each month is one of the most important reports for a multitude of different financial markets. The US stock markets, foreign currency markets, and debt markets all make big moves on the non-farm payroll numbers – and for good reason.
A trading range is when a security trades within a given high and low period for a given period of time. This back and forth price movement between extremes generates a trading range.
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