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A good til cancel (GTC) order is a buy or sell order that remains in effect until executed or canceled. Now this does not mean that the order will remain in queue indefinitely. The majority of brokerage firms will only allow an order to stay active for 30-90 days.
A hard stop is a protective order placed in the market to close a position. Unlike other stops, which traders might move as the stock goes against them, a hard stop is an order that is placed and does not change.
A limit order is an instruction to buy or sell a security at a specific price.
Margin trading is the act of buying and selling short stocks using borrowed funds from a broker. This additional leverage can provide the active trader the opportunity to dramatically increase their earning potential.
Naked short selling is an illegal trading activity that occurs when a stock is sold short on the market without ever borrowing any shares. In a normal trading transaction, the broker will provide the required shares in real-time or acquire them shortly thereafter to ensure there are shares on hand for the short position.
Online stock trading is when an investor actively trades the markets over the Internet.
Short covering is the act of buying back shares in order to close out a short position. Short covering is often a tough concept for novice traders to grasp, because it is the exact opposite of going long in the market.
A short sale is when a trader borrows shares from their brokerage firm and sells them on the open market. The trader hopes that the security loses its value so they can make a profit when they buy the security back at the lower price.
Trailing stops improve trade management discipline. Learn how to manage winning trades.
Unrealized gains are the profits from trading activities which have not been closed out and cash received. These are also commonly referred to as paper profits.
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