Silver ETF

Silver ETFs are tradable securities that can be used as a hedge against declining values on the financial markets. Silver ETFs are available in a number of types, including short silver ETF and leveraged silver ETF funds; this makes silver ETFs a solid choice for investors looking to diversify in precious metals commodities trading. Although gold ETFs are typically more popular with investors, silver ETFs also serve as a hedge against significant downward movement in the stock market and the economy; this makes silver ETF investments a more affordable way for investors to break into the precious metals commodities markets.

Silver ETF vs. gold ETF funds

While both gold and silver ETF funds provide protection against downward shifts in the stock market, silver ETFs generally require a smaller initial investment and have historically been more volatile than gold investments. However, recent years have seen major fluctuations in the price of gold and, consequently, the value of gold ETFs. During the same period, silver ETFs have remained largely stable despite major economic disruptions. As a result, many analysts recommend investing more heavily in silver as part of a diversified and comprehensive precious metals commodities portfolio.

Silver ETF list

The silver ETF market is largely dominated by one fund, the iShares Silver Trust Fund (SLV). However, a number of other silver ETFs are available in various configurations; the following is a categorized list of some of the top silver ETFs.

Unleveraged silver ETFs

  • iShares Silver Trust Fund (SLV)
  • ETFS Physical Silver ETF (PHAG-LSE)
  • ETFS Physical Silver Sterling ETF (PHSP-LSE)
  • ETFS Physical Silver Shares ETF (SIVR)
  • PowerShares DB Silver Fund (DBS)
  • ETFS Silver ETF (SLVR-LSE)
  • COMEX Silver ETF (HUZ-TSX)

Leveraged silver ETFs

  • ProShares Ultra Silver ETF (AGQ)
  • COMEX Silver Bull Plus ETF (HZU-TSX)
  • ETFS Leveraged Silver ETF (LSIL-LSE)

Unleveraged and leveraged short silver ETFs

  • ETFS Short Silver ETF (SSIL-LSE)
  • ProShares UltraShort Silver ETF (ZSL)
  • COMEX Silver Bear Plus ETF (HZD-TSX)

iShares Silver Trust Fund

The best-known and most popular entry in the silver ETF marketplace, the iShares Silver ETF SLV is an unleveraged silver fund that physically holds silver bullion and bases its asset valuation on the London Silver Fix Price. Returns and yields for the iShares Silver ETF SLV are based on the current asset valuation in dollars of the overall fund. The fund offers minimal volatility in comparison to other securities, making it a solid choice for investors who have little tolerance for risk or who need to balance out high-risk investments in their overall ETF portfolio.
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