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If you’re looking for the best stock picks, you’ve come to the right place.  At, we have partnered with a leading expert in the field of technical analysis to bring you a daily market newsletter providing insightful analysis and commentary on the S&P 500 & gold market with heavy focus on the precious metal stocks.  Tim’s gold stock portfolio has generated some of the best stock picks within the market over the past few years.  He turned bullish on the gold sector in 2002 and has been riding the bull ever since.  Click here to get a risk free trial to the Ord Oracle market newsletter and get access to his stock trading portfolio.

The Ord Oracle – Trading Strategy

Tim is skilled in the art of market timing and has developed a trading strategy using his proprietary technical trading techniques which allow him to consistently rank as a top 10 gold market and stock market timer by Timers Digest.  In 2006, the Ord Oracle was ranked #1 gold market timing newsletter in the country. 

Tim analyzes a variety of indicators to gauge the internal health of the market.  Combining these tools with his price and volume analysis allow him to provide you with the best stock picks at the most opportune times.  His newsletter first provides you with swing trading signals on the S&P 500.  These signals are more short term in nature and last between a couple weeks to a couple months. As a subscriber to The Ord Oracle, real time trading signals will be delivered to your inbox before he actually takes the position.

Tim also performs sector analysis and provides his subscribers with opportunities in the hottest sectors and stocks.  Each stock pick is meticulously scrutinized using his cutting edge studies of price and volume relationships.  His stock picks tend to exhibit large basing action followed by price breakouts accompanied by a large increase in volume. 

This is not a day trading newsletter; you will not be expected to move in an out of stocks daily.  You can expect to hold a position anywhere between 1 month and 3 years, depending on the health of the stock as the trend develops.  Typically though, you will be holding a stock pick somewhere in the middle of that range. 

Tim likes to uncover explosive opportunities which typically trade below $10 a share and occasionally Tim will recommend high potential penny stock picks (i.e. stocks below $5).  Again, these hot stock picks come with entry and exit prices and will be delivered to your inbox right as Tim is about to put the trade on. 

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