Trading Strategies

Are you tired of surfing the web, looking for trading strategies that actually work? Well, you have come to the right place. At, we hold nothing back; we strive to provide our audience with free trading strategies that others will charge you an arm and a leg for. You will find a variety of commonly used professional trading strategies within our day trading, stock trading, and options trading centers.

A trading strategy is nothing more than a set of rules or guidelines that a trader uses to select potential stock picks. These rules include filtering criteria used to discover different opportunities and also include entry and exit criteria. The money management part of a trading strategy is equally as important as the filtering process used to find a trade.

Over the past 15 years, algorithmic trading (or system trading) has become very popular. With real time data and other analytical tools being available to retail traders, algorithmic trading volume has exploded with traders looking to create the “holy grail”. The fact of the matter is that it is extremely difficult to automate a trading strategy to be successful in every type of trading environment. For this reason, it is important to hardwire your brain to spot good trading setups. Act on your experience rather than following a robot which is bound to short circuit.

Day Trading Strategies

Within our day trading strategies section, you will learn the techniques that professional day traders use to profit day in and day out. A majority of trading profits are made in the first two hours of the trading session. We teach you how to profit off of early morning volatility and trade the morning gap.

There is no singular solution to conquering the markets; it’s all about having a wide array of tools at your disposal. Read our articles on Fibonacci trading techniques, tape reading, and the Level 2 Window to get a leg up in your trading approach.

Option Trading Strategies

Options can serve as a great tool to either hedge your trading positions or even speculate on the direction of a stock. If used correctly, options can serve as a great tool to taking a leveraged position without putting up a large sum of money. In our options education center, you will find advanced option trading strategies which take advantage of all types of market conditions; bullish, bearish, or indifferent.

Stock Trading Strategies

Finally, in our stock trading education center, we present a variety of popular stock trading strategies which cover longer term and more cyclical approaches to investing. Ever hear of the popular saying, “sell in May and go away”? Investors who followed this investment strategy would have done substantially better than those who prescribed to a buy and hold strategy. It is ideas such as this that you cannot afford to ignore.

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