Who Started the NYSE

So, who started the NYSE?  As a result of the Revolutionary War, all ties to London Financial Institutions were severed.  Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton recognized that the formation of an Exchange was the bloodline for ensuring the success of the new Continental United States. Under his leadership, the first three banks of the time, Bank of New York, First Bank of the United States, and the Bank of North America issued the first shares to pay off the war debts accumulated by the Continental Army.  Later, the NYSE was officially created by 24 Wall Street stock brokers on May 17, 1792.  This agreement between brokers was called the Buttonwood Agreement, due to the fact the exchange was formed under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street.  The organization drafted its constitution and renamed itself the "New York Stock & Exchange Board" in 1817.  While there is not one single person who founded the NYSE, the first president of the NYSE was Anthony Stockholm who served from 1817 - 1818. 

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