Ascending Tops - Bullish Chart Formation

What is an Ascending Top

An ascending top chart pattern is when a security continues to make higher swing points after each pullback.  This type of price action is commonplace in an extremely strong bull market.  Ascending tops have the same bullish meaning on any trading time frame (minute, daily, weekly,  monthly). 

Trading Strategies for Ascending Tops

Ascending tops can be easily seen on a stock chart.  The pattern will start out with some sort of significant price low.  This low is then followed by an increase in volume and a move higher.  This move creates a series of swing highs where each high exceeds the preceding high.  This pattern may develop in the form of a price channel, but may elect to have a more ambigous price structure.

Ascending Top

Be Cautious of Ascending Tops

Ascending tops look like very peaceful patterns, but the reality of it is that this formation often precedes major corrections.  This is because the pattern has produced so many new swing highs, at some point all of the longs are on board and the only place left to go is down.  A safe measure would be to place a stop below the most recent swing low.
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