Black Marubozu Candlestick

Black Marubozu Candlestick Definition

A black marubozu is a large black candlestick with no wicks on either end and is considered to be an extremely bearish candle. It can lead to a continuation of the current downtrend or the start of a bullish reversal. The black marubozu will often occur with high volume, so determining whether it is a continuation or reversal is critical when attempting to profit from the candle. The black marubozu is also known as the Major Yin or Marubozu of Yin. Remember, in the West, candlesticks are colored green and red, while in the East, the candles are white and black.  The white marubozu is the exact opposite of the black marubozu.

Black MarubozuBlack Marubozu

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