Candlestick Charts

Descending Hawk is a two-day bearish candlestick reversal pattern. The descending hawk formation is the bearish version of the homing pigeon.
The descent block is a variation of the three black crows formation. Two of the three candlesticks that make up the descent block have lengthy lower shadows, thus implying the bearish trend is near its end.
The Downside Tasuki Gap is a three day candlestick continuation pattern. The pattern starts with a red candlestick that has gapped below the previous red candlestick.
Dragonfly Doji is a candlestick pattern that occurs when the open and close are at the high of the bar.
Four price doji is a candlestick where the open, high, low and close are all the same.

Homing pigeon is a bullish candlestick pattern comprised of two red candles. The second red candle closes inside the body of the first red candle, thus showing a deterioration of the down trend.

Kicking Pattern is a two-bar candlestick reversal pattern that can occur in both bull and bear markets. The pattern is comprised of two opposite colored candles, where neither of the candles has any upper or lower shadows.

The ladder bottom pattern is comprised of five candlesticks that initiate explosive counter moves.

The ladder top pattern is comprised of five candlesticks and is an early sign that a top is in on the market.

The long-legged doji is a neutral doji candle in which the long upper and lower shadow is a sign that the market is confused and approaching a transition period.

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