Day Trading Video 1-7-08

    The below day trading video is from my Omnivision Technologies (OVTI) short trade. I sold short 1,000 shares of OVTI at $12.66. OVTI broke a two day consolidation range with a sizeable gap in the morning. I saw good tape action when OVTI was able to clear the morning's swing low of $12.72. I unloaded 500 shares @ $12.58, 250 shares @ $12.42, 125 shares @ $12.13, and 125 shares @ $12.15. I hope you enjoy the trading video.

    Today my day trading activities included Omnivision Technologies (OVTI), SLM Corp (SLM), Petrobras Energia Partic S.A. (PZE), National City Corp (NCC), and Melco PBL Entertainment Ltd (MPEL) for a total gain of $132.50. My SLM trade was horrific. I was top ticked at $19.20 and then ended up selling out at $18.75 for a loss of 2.34%. I misjudged the tape and did not react quickly enough when the stock was not able to make any additional gains after my entry.

    Tim Ord
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