Investing for Dummies

The speaker, who is the author of investing for dummies and personal finance for dummies, suggests that one should put financial advice in perspective by reviewing the diet of financial advice and information that you are exposing yourself to, especially if it is conflicting or adds high levels of anxiety to your life. 

He goes on to suggest that one should look at the level of consumer debt that they have.  When this ratio gets above 25%, this is a reason for concern.  He also suggests that one should live within their means and direct their savings into a retirement savings plan such as a 401k, 403b, or Keogh.

He goes on to discuss the benefits of having life insurance, especially, life, disability insurance, and asset insurance(home and car).

He says the worst thing you can do during a bear market is to sell the stocks after the decline.  He states that it may be easier to invest in value mutual funds if you cannot psychologically deal with the exposure of the stock market.
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