Breakdown in the Stock Market

The speaker discusses a massive double top on the S&P 500 which led to the stock market breakdown.  She talks about how the consolidation on the 2002 to 2003 lows took one year to develop and the market smashed down to the lows of 2002 in a matter of a month.  She believes that the S&P 500 could head down to the 600 area if the lows of 2002 are taken out. 

She is disconcerted about the relationship between up and down volume.  She suggests that this selling is creating an oversold condition which has not been seen historically.  To even consider a long position, a divergence should develop over a period of time suggesting support in the market.

She believes that we are in a structural bear market which lasts 13 to 16 years and that this current bear market started back in 2000.  The market will take a few years to recover from this crash to rebuild and recover.
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