How to Invest in Renewable Energy

The speaker discusses investing in green, or renewable energy.  He believes that the financial crisis has provided a great opportunity to purchase renewable energy stocks on the cheap.  He believes they are positioned well for long term growth given the direction of the new president.  However, in the short run, investors want to stay away from companies producing futuristic technology as they may not see profits for a long period of time. 

He suggests many new jobs will be created in this sector and that solar and wind technology companies should be looked at for potential investment.  As part of the 800 billion dollar bailout package, congress has given solar and wind companies a tax credit to homeowners who invest in these technologies to get a large refund.

He talks through the various companies within the renewable energy sector and cites some very high potential businesses.  He stresses that investors should be looking at these investments from a long term perspective.
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